03/17/16 – Portland Joins 6 West Coast Cities In Suing Monsanto

Gomez Trial Attorneys announced yesterday that the Portland City Council voted unanimously to file a lawsuit against Monsanto for contaminating water bodies within the City with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

PCBs are reported to be highly toxic, cancer-causing chemicals that linger for decades in the environment and pose a serious threat to humans. Monsanto, being the sole producer of PCBs from 1939 to when Congress banned PCBs in the 1970s, has been alleged to be the culprit for contaminating Portland waterways with PCBs that have thus far cost Oregon over a billion dollars of public money for clean up. Monsanto, before making the switch to agriculture, was reported to have made an estimate of $22 million in business a year in sales of PCBs. According to City Attorney, Tracey Reeve, Monsanto’s own documents show that the company continued to sell PCBs, even after becoming aware of the risks PCBs posed to human and environmental health.

*Code U. 994